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Walter Hegarty


Walter is our guru when it comes to all things technical. Over the years he has found new and innovative ways of solving what seem to be the most intractable problems. Never one to shy away from a challenge he is constantly on the lookout for new ideas and how best to harness technology to get the job done!

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Paul Graham


Paul Graham has been in the radio industry since the late 60ís and spent some time with the legendary offshore station Radio Caroline. He has acted
as consultant for for numerous radio projects in the UK, Spain and other European territories. Based in the UK, Paul is our affiliate for non Ireland based radio projects.

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Paul Shepherd


All good ideas need careful planning and structure, thatís where Paul comes in.
From conception to execution he can help
to fill in the blanks between. The devil is in the detail as the saying goes and whilst
not the most exciting part of any project
the payback comes with the end result.

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Skype: paulshepherddublin


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